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Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1 (SOLD OUT)

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Image of Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1 (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1 (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1 (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1 (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1 (SOLD OUT)

Crystal Lake-Hidden Files Vol.1
Limited Edition 300 Copies Black Color 12"
Cover Artwork- Spek The Architek.
Several forthcoming volumes will add the missing pieces to complete the front cover artwork.

Crystal Lake Is conformed By C Vorheez, Big Slo, Flex-Man, Sludge Champ,Master Poet And More.

This Release Include: 10 Dope Unreleased Songs Produced And Mastered by: C Vorheez 1997-2000

2th Pic By: Pek Blentah

Snippets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUnLfOPpjnU

Snippets: https://soundcloud.com/ozone-crew/crysta-lake-mental-ward-crooked-anglez-hidden-files-vol-1

Welcome to CRYSTAL LAKE..... A place where you'll hear nothing but killer sounds to your ear drums. The name Crystal Lake evolved from the movie, Friday The 13th and how the character Jason Vorheez mutilated the campers . Headed by C Vorheez, the Crystal Lake camp deals with that in the same sense, but in the HIP-HOP form. "It's like a metaphoric twist in comparison," explains C-Vorheez, "If you step into our cipher (or camp) there's no telling what may happen...be prepared to battle."

armed for HIP-HOP combat and bringing a diverse new edge to this game. The crew consists of C-Vorheez, Big Slo, Sludge Champion, Master Poet & Flex Man and many more coming through. The Crystal Lake sound can be identified by the label's passion for bringing only the best in HARD BEATS & ROUGH RHYMES blended together to create a style that many say are reminiscent of well-known groups like BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS, MOBB DEEP and even GANGSTARR. But by no means, DO NOT be confused by this comparison. Big Slo says, "ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY are stressed in every track and the result is MUSIC that all true HIP-HOP heads can relate to"

Crystal Lake is like a CAMP site with many subdivisions(individual groups and personalities); continuously growing and constantly a serious threat to any and all cats in this game. The independent label, Crystal Lake Entertainment is headed by C Vorheez.
"In the new millenium,look out for Crystal Lake compilation featuring C-Vorheez (aka Coz), Big-Slo Sludge Champion Master Poet & Flex-Man. We are coming through silently, but yet making enough noise to shake the globe." Big Slo adds, "DO NOT SLEEP ON THE WRONG CAMPSITE!!!"